Sole Water

I drink a lot of water. Long before I started my “healthier me” journey, I drank water. Friends and family will tell you the one thing I will never say no to is a glass of water. On a slow day, I drink a gallon (not counting coffee or tea).

I know, that’s great right? Yes, and no. One issue with drinking so much water is that it can flush too much out of my system. This means that I have been known to test for low sodium. This is where I learned about Sole Water (pronounced Sol-ay in case you wondering).

Sole Water is pretty simple–Take filtered water and add real salt (not the table salt junk). I use Himalayan Pink Salt. When I say add salt, I don’t mean a few tea spoons–I mean, fill a jar about 1/3 full of salt then add water to it and shake it all up. Wait a day, and add a little more salt and let it dissolve. Then, keep adding salt a little salt until it won’t dissolve anymore and you have reached supersaturation–where the water can dissolve absolutely not more salt.

Sounds tasty, right??? Well, drinking a tsp of Sole Water with 8-32 oz of water in the morning on an empty stomach helps to replace my lost salt–bonus, I found that it also helps to kill off the candida over growth I have! I was told to mix a tsp of sole water in a MINIMUM of 8 oz of water, but I can’t do it. I can not drink the salt flavored water, so what I do (and it works for me) is I take the Sole Water like medicine then immediately follow it with a water bottle full of fresh water. DO NOT WAIT TO DRINK THE WATER if you do it this way though! Within 30 seconds, my stomach will be on fire if I don’t gulp water right away–but if you are not a baby like me, mix it–it is probably better that way.

Side effects:

Within a week of this, I noticed improved skin (a healthier diet has helped my skin even more).

I used to get yeast rashes under my breasts but I don’t anymore.

My sodium levels are where they should be.

I feel more hydrated.

I have not had thrush since I started.

My bowel movements are more productive.

If you Google about it, you will find a lot of articles with tons of information. I just wanted to share my experience because it has been positive for me. I am not a health professional, and it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before trying any of this stuff!

Let me know if you have tried Sole Water and what you think!



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