Let’s get Physical (When you’re too weak to do much–do something)

Good afternoon! It is raining here in Minnesota, yet the birds are still are chirping, and keeping the finch feeders full is almost a full time job! I wanted to share some thoughts, ideas, etc… about physical activity (for some reason that sounds less threatening than exercise).

I might have shared it in past posts, I don’t know, but I suffer from extremely low testosterone. Yes, I know I’m a woman and that might sound odd, be we need testosterone too. My levels are so low, that when tested 6 months ago, the test could not find any. My tests read 0, none, nadda, zilch!

Now,  you might want to know why this is important, and I want to tell you! Testosterone is what we need to build and maintain muscle and it is also what gives us our sex drive. Well, for this post, I am focusing on the muscle aspect. You see, with my other autoimmune issues (such as fibromyalgia) I need all the help I can get, and I found myself so weak even folding the laundry became a task I had a hard time accomplishing.

I am told by my doctor that the normal range for testosterone in women is 30 to 95 (ng/dL) and that it is usually higher in post menopausal women. I am a woman who went through premature menopause and at 42 am post menopausal–yet my blood tests read 0 (ng/dL) for testosterone. Here is another wonderful catch–the FDA has not approved testosterone for use in women, so in order to supplement with it I have to buy this special made cream that is way out of my price range with zero insurance coverage. Yup–not gonna happen.

So, I looked up how to boost my testosterone naturally, and found that DHEA can help, so I take that, also sex and physical activity can increase it. Ok–remember that testosterone is responsible for sex drive??? So does this mean I hand my husband a note and say “it’s a perscription–engage in sexual activity 3-4 times per week or as needed to increase T-levels–and I need you to fill it”? HAHA–well, he would probably be okay with that, but you get my point.

The idea of increasing my T-levels with physical activity also seems sort of like I’m going in circles. I mean, I have gotten so weak that folding laundry makes my arms ache, but working out could increase in T-levels so I get stronger if only I wasn’t too weak to work out!! UGH!!!

So what do you do?

Like anything–Do what you can. Doing nothing will result in nothing! So, I pick up my little 5 lb dumbbells and I lift some weights. I walk, even short walks, when I can. I start parking further away in the parking lot when I go somewhere so I have to walk to just a little further. I dance when I can, even if I can’t finish the whole song.

My initial goal was to not get weaker–but now I am getting stronger. My energy is increasing with activity and healthier eating. Life is getting better. I started making changes to healthier eating months ago, but in the last few weeks have really cracked down–it has been 8 days since I was drowning in brain fog. It has been 9 days since I lay on the couch hurting so bad it took everything in me to move.

I know I’m not the only one struggling. Heck, I know I am so blessed because compared to some, I have no struggles at all! Still, I hope you are motivated to do what you can. Pass up those potato chips and grab some veggies. Instead of opening that pop, grab a water. And when everything in you is telling you stay down–get up!


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