Whole30 Day 11

We have made it 11 days! Yes, I am still hanging in there. It is getting easier.

I online school through EdVisions off Campus. This is a state online charter school that teaches via project based learning. Since this school spans the entire state, different areas are assigned advisers (teachers to help keep track of student progress etc…). Once in a while, advisories get together for field trips and today was one of those days.

We traveled to a town about an hour north of us where we met up with my adviser and other students in my advisory group and we participated in an “escape the room” activity. This is when you get locked into a room and have to use clues to get out.

After that, we all got together for a picnic in the park. The school provided chips and the makings for sandwiches and snacks.

Knowing that they would not have food that fit my choices, my mom and I made chicken and veggie soup last night to take today. It didn’t take us long, and just that little bit of planning gave us a meal that the other students were jealous of. I didn’t miss the sandwiches and junk at all.

I’d call that progress! 11 days down, and I think I can do this! OH!! And I went prom dress shopping today and I got a dress two sizes smaller than I used to wear!!


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