Whole30 Days 6, 7, and 8

We are coming to the end of day 8 of Whole30. I haven’t posted a lot because there have not been any major developments. We continue on and are feeling ok.

Easter we avoided the family get-together. The Whole30 book and website will tell you that no one can tell you what to eat, but sometimes family pressure and guilt can destroy the best intentions. Knowing our family, I would feel like Eve as forbidden fruit was placed in front of me, singing a siren song, while family tells me “one piece won’t hurt”.

Better avoiding all of that than to upset someone for telling them to shove it! Instead, Alee and I worked on some meal prep for this week and we made a roasted chicken family meal that was really good.

Our two biggest struggles have been:

  1. Condiments.
  2. Not weighing yourself.

What is life without ketchup? I mean, I don’t put ketchup on everything, but if we do oven fries or hamburger patties–they just don’t seem the same without the sugar laden red wonder we all know and love.

If you consider Whole30 eliminates all added sugar, ketchup, bar-b-que sauces, and several other condiments are on the no-no list. If you are lucky enough to find a ketchup with no sugar–well, it might as well be called tomato paste, and it is not good for dunking!

We found that Primal Kitchens makes some condiments that are pretty good and Whole30 compliant. Aleesha is iffy about them because she does not like Avocado, and they are made using avocado oil and have a slight avocado taste. They also contain egg and she is supposed to limit her egg intake due to having a mild egg allergy–since the amount is negligible though, I am not having her worry too much about that. I honestly like them and would use them outside of Whole30.

Another thing we love is Franks Red Hot. It is Whole30 compliant and adds some kick to foods and helps with that dryness I associate with some things (even if they aren’t really dry). I’ve always loved Franks, and am so happy we can use it.

The last thing that has helped us with this is coconut aminos. I don’t think we would get through the month without it!

I am going to try some homemade condiments and I will let you know how they worked out later.

THE SCALE!!! Oh My–part of the Whole30 challenge is to NOT STEP ON THE SCALE FOR 30 DAYS! I am not a scale watcher. I never have been and I never will be, but when I put my jeans Monday and they fell off as I walked–I wanted to know! Never have I had a hard time staying away from that little devil, but I have. Aleesha did check hers once but she was not aware of that part of the challenge, and hey, she’s 16–we’ll let it slide.

Well, that’s all over the last few days. We’re over 1/4 done already! Life is good!


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