Whole30 Meals, Days 3, 4 and 5

I’ve been slacking–sorry. Here is a rundown on what we’ve had for days 3, 4, and 5. I have left off today (because it is already day 6–Oh my!) and I will post that in a different post.

I’ve mentioned before that neither Aleesha or I are big breakfast eaters. However, it is important to get protein in your system when you wake up. This will help fight off cravings throughout the day. Remember, on Whole30 you do not snack–your goal is to have your 3 meals, but if you must break it up into smaller meals, you can.

The goal of making it between meals means you need fat, protein and some carbs in your meals to carry you from one to the next. If you don’t have a nice protein dense meal for breakfast, you will have cravings and feel hungry the rest of the day, setting yourself up to fail your challenge.

I don’t plan every single meal with exact proportions because frankly, I don’t have the time or desire to do so, but I make a concentrated effort to balance it.

Aleesha and I are each drinking a gallon of water a day (she likes lemon in hers, I don’t–icky!). Early morning, on an empty stomach we have some Sole water. (I will do I post on that this week, but in the meantime, you can Google it.) Sole is not part of the Whole30, (not against it either) but something I do because I drink so much water on a regular basis.

I will post what pictures I have below. I don’t always remember to take them, but I have a few. I will leave what we ate in a list form in case any of you want to copy and paste it for inspiration.

Day 3

Duck egg, bacon–and of course coffee for me and matcha for Alee every morning. I also like matcha and will enjoy sometimes during the day or evening, but Alee does not like coffee without a sweet creamer and since they are out she’s been sticking to matcha. We like Zen Spirit. It is a lot cheaper for me on Amazon than our local store.
Taco Salad (again–this is our go to. We pre-cooked 6 pounds of taco meat, used homemade seasoning and froze it in 2/3 pound portions for an easy lunch) with pico de gallo.
Pepper Steak

Day 4

Leftover Pepper Steak
Chicken Stirfry
Chicken Curry

Day 5

Leftover Chicken Cury
Leftover Pepper Steak
Tuna Steak (grilled with lemon on the side), roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus.

*The Amazon Matcha link is an affiliate link. Please see our disclaimer.


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