Whole30 Day Three–Withdrawals

Day Three (4/13/17) started out well and ended with both Aleesha and I lying in bed with killer headaches and all over body aches. This is what I call “crap withdrawals.”

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is not only S.A.D., but it really is a sad way for us to treat our bodies. High calorie, high carb, highly processed, low nutrition foods are everywhere. Busy lifestyles make convenience outweigh health. Whole30 not only helps us clean up our system from this “crap”, but it also helps us be mindful of the foods we eat in the future.

For those of us who praise the Whole30, please keep in mind, it is because we know what is waiting on the other side. There is no “love” of what our bodies go through as we do this, and being my second time, I am now kicking myself for deciding it was okay to fall back on some bad habits. When I tried to steer myself back into good habits about 8 months ago, I just kept failing because my body was accustomed to the “crap” again.

Withdrawals suck! For whatever reason (I have read so many conflicting articles on why this happens and I am not taking a stance on one or the other), our bodies become insanely addicted to the sugars (carbs) and the unnatural preservatives, colorants, flavors, etc. that are in processed foods.

Remember, these things are everywhere! If you think you are good at avoiding sugars, be sure to double check EVERYTHING! Sandwich meats, beef sticks, and other protein sources often contain sugar and/or wheat (which not only adds wheat but more sugars as well). Some bottled waters even add trace amounts of sugars for flavor. CHECK LABELS!! We fall into this trap sometimes of thinking we are eating something healthy and it’s not.

Some symptoms we are actually told to expect in the Whole30 are:

Brain fog
General malaise
Mild digestive issues

“These are particularly common if, pre-Whole30, you’ve been eating a Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), are coming off a major Carb-a-Palooza binge (starring Sugar ‘n Gluten), or have been following conventional health and fitness recommendations to eat lots of whole grains and low-fat-everything every two hours, six times a day.

In addition, if you have an autoimmune or chronic health condition, it’s not unusual for your specific symptoms (arthritic joints, psoriasis, fatigue, etc.) to get worse before they get better.” (Whole30 site)

So for someone like me who battles autoimmune disorders, keep in mind that the symptoms you experience the first couple of weeks will be more severe. Last night was a pretty severe night. I had to run to the closest town to us (24 miles away) to get printer ink. I had forgotten it last time I was in town, and I need it for my business. About 5 minutes after walking into WalMart, while looking at some earrings for Dennis, the headache hit.

I’m no stranger to headaches. I have some sinus issues that cause headaches and I get migraines that are crippling, but I knew what this was. A sugar withdrawal. About two minutes later, Aleesha told me she had a terrible headache. We finished up at WalMart, then I had to go to a local grocery store (HyVee) because they called to let me know they had found the coconut aminos (for three weeks they were out–this week the wrong product was on the shelf).

By the time we got home, not only did I have a raging headache, but I was in a full fibro-flare. Fibromyalgia suffers will understand. I could not blog or do anything last night other than climb in bed. I KNOW that after I finish Whole30 and stick to a stricter diet my fibro-flares will be minimal. I KNOW THIS!!! But last night I wanted to eat ice cream and cake (which I don’t eat anyway) and tell Whole30 to shove this plan up their hind ends!!!!

This morning was better, I’m achey and a little tired, but I know it isn’t the last bad day before I see better days. Aleesha is a little less sure about all of than I am because this is her first Whole30. She is having some anger issues over all the foods with added sugar, but I will let her write a post about all of that.

We can do it! After all, we have less than 27 days to go!

*Note, this post contains one or mor affiliate links. Please read our discalimer. At the time of this post, funds raised on Alee and Me will go toward Aleesha’s education, but this may change in the future.


3 thoughts on “Whole30 Day Three–Withdrawals

  1. Rejoice in your suffering … the more it hurts the better you are doing! Expelling any toxins is painful, sugar and additives are toxic and I have absolutely NO idea why they are allowed to be added to our food? It’s all wrong but you are on the road to recovery, remember that.

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    1. Exactly! Since I have been through it, I knew what to expect. My first Whole30 withdrawals didn’t hit until day 10. I’m hoping that hitting them sooner will make for an easier month, but I’m not holding my breath! It is a whole different story for Aleesha, it is her first time and she’s 16 and is mad that everything she wants contains sugar! We even found bottles of water today with sugar added for flavor… sheesh.

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