Whole30 Day 4, only 26 Days to Go!!

As day four draws to a close, I’m feeling pretty decent. A little tired (like the cat in the featuerd picture), but doing good. Managed to lift some weights so that’s even better!

Aleesha is really struggling. She wants everything she shouldn’t eat and nothing she should eat. I am reminded of that old song by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bootleg: “Take you a glass of water
Make it against the law.
See how good the water tastes
When you can’t have any at all”

There is just something about the “forbidden” that makes us want it. Add to that the detox withdrawal symptoms, and I understand exactly what she is going trough. If you’re reading this and want to give her some encouragement, that would be great!

Aside from that, not much is new. I will work on food diary post and get up tonight or in the morning for days 3 and 4.


One thought on “Whole30 Day 4, only 26 Days to Go!!

  1. Aleesha it is truly worth hanging in there for … just to learn discipline if nothing else! Discipline is so necessary to get through life and stay focused on our goals and often means forgoing certain ‘treats’ to get there. And think of all the starving kids around the world … your fasting time is very limited! SO please think of all the benefits if you can hang in there? And all the boasting you can do afterwards!

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