Why do I Love Amazon?

I read an article today about how shopping at Amazon is more expensive than many other sites. Yes, it can be. My family has a tight budget, and I love a good deal, but even with Amazon having a higher price, I still go through their site for a lot of what I buy. Why is that?

I love shopping online. I live in The Middle of Nowhere, USA and shopping severely limited. Oh, and I suppose I should tell you, I hate shopping in stores! The smells, the people, and well THE PEOPLE! Anyway, the gene that my sister and mother have that allows them to spend hours in stores just looking never was passed to me. When I want or need something, I want to get it and get out!

Needless to say, a large part of my shopping is done online. I get haircare, beauty products, household items and even some food items. I’ve purchased beds and mattresses, televisions and when I get a new lawn mower in a couple weeks, it will be bought online too. The convenience of having these items brought to me makes me so grateful to be alive in the 21st century!

So, why would I pay more on Amazon when another site has it cheaper? Why would I pay a yearly subscription for Amazon Prime? Why not be an online bargain hunter?

Well, in some cases, I don’t buy on Amazon. For instance, I bought my washing machine online from Sears. There was a $10 delivery fee to my location and some wonderful man not only brought the new machine to my house, carried it down to my basement and set it up–he removed my old broken one! All without my having to leave the house! If Sears had told me I had to wait three weeks for it to be delivered though, I would have said forget it and gotten it elsewhere.

So when I am getting my hair care products, I can see that other retailers might carry my product for a couple of dollars less, and they offer free shipping. What they don’t offer me is two-day shipping and proven customer service I can rely on. Usually, other sites free shipping means I wait a week or more. I guess, for me, value means more than just price.

Dennis got an iPhone 7 plus a few months ago. We ordered straight from Apple and they said guaranteed next day delivery. The next day, we got hit with a snow storm, and somehow–one snow storm caused a weeks delay in getting the “next day” phone. It was shipped from Tennessee and never left the facility there until six days after purchase, so I don’t really know how the storm was at fault for the shipping delay since there was no storm there–but that’s their story.

I have never had that problem with Amazon. If weather stops a shipment from being there in the two-day window, I wait one extra day, not six. If I have any issue with a product, Amazon has always replaced it quickly and without hassle. I can trust that I will get my product and they will stand behind it.

That being said, I don’t buy everything through Amazon. I am much more likely to buy makeup from Ulta, Sophora or another source than I am on Amazon. These stores have pretty decent shipping times, and between better price and rewards programs, this is the best option. But for most of the items I order from Amazon, I need them in a timely manner. If my coffee pot breaks, NO ONE wants me waiting more than two days before a new one is on the counter!

So, while this blog/article I read, didn’t allow comments and I couldn’t tell them this–I feel better now that I’ve ranted here. I often joke that Amazon will one day rule the world (it could happen), but I am glad I live in a world where the convenience of a such an online marketplace exists.


5 thoughts on “Why do I Love Amazon?

  1. I also missed that shop browsing gene, I like to get in and out but have never ventured onto Amazon. I thought they sold books? But you are talking about a coffee pot? Don’t shop on line at all. If I need an air ticket my friend does that and I transfer the funds same day. Apple pushed my buttons … they don’t pay tax here and charge us more “because they can”. Their reply at a court inquest!

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