What is Whole30 and Why we Would do It

After my post, “Alee and Me go Whole 30 This Month” I got asked, “What is Whole30?” I tend to forget that not everyone knows what I’m talking about!

Whole30 is a 30-day food challenge that was developed by Melissa Hartwig. It is more or less and elimination diet, that excludes all processed foods, sugars, grains, legumes and dairy. Pretty much, you eat real, whole foods (and no foods that are known for causing inflammation). For a more in-depth description, go to Whole30 website where there is a wealth of information.

The idea is to reboot and detox your body. Here in America–and probably in other countries as well–we consume way too much sugar and processed foods. There is added sugar, wheat, and various chemicals in more food products than one could imagine.

Having multiple autoimmune issues, I have found that the more real that I eat, the better I feel. The problem is, eating unhealthy is so easy! Dennis (my husband), does not like anything that resembles healthy. His idea of a healthy meal is a hamburger with corn on the side instead of potato chips. In fact, if you ask him to pick a vegetable, he will pick corn (which is a grain–not a vegetable). He won’t eat anything else–actually, he won’t even try anything else!

I found it a complete victory when I was able to slip an artisan lettuce mix into his tacos! No matter how healthy I try to make food for my daughter and myself, my husband will always come home with “surprise pizza”, or another unhealthy option. While I can make him some home-cooked options, he doesn’t usually like it “clean”. For instance, he likes pot roast cooked in cream of mushroom soup.

So, as you can imagine, making two meals gets tiring, and I have a bad habit of giving in to what he wants, rather than what I need. A couple of weeks ago, I was really bad and didn’t stick to clean eating at all. It was only a week of “cheating”, but it set my fibromyalgia into a tailspin, and I just feel like crap! I actually have been so sick, that even trying to blog has been nearly impossible.

This is where Whole30 will be a God-send! It will help me get off the bad food that becomes so addicting and allow my body some time to heal. After the 30 days, I will go back to a paleo or keto whole diet that is not quite as strict as the Whole30.

There will be a series of posts over the next 30 days, in the first few we will talk about planning and let you know where we are starting at. Throughout the month, we will post recipes we like, or don’t like as well as how we are doing. I can guarantee that there will be some weeping as the sugar cravings try to kill us (getting off sugar is the worst!) and some cheering as we meet milestones.

Please comment and cheer us on! Share your own stories or ideas!


11 thoughts on “What is Whole30 and Why we Would do It

      1. I am going to post some before pictures tomorrow, with some of our prepping pictures. Most important though, will be how we feel at the end!

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  1. I loved this! Such a man thing – I just recently tried out a food experiment this past month in a bit of a wager with a friend, and my boyfriend kept coming over with Chinese food and pizza and burgers!!!! Glad to know I’m not alone! Good luck and best wishes on your continued healthy eating efforts!

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  2. I do want to add–I have made it through 28 days cooking him his stuff and not even an accidental taste!!!

    He keeps asking to go out to eat though . . . Won’t go without me and I won’t go with him . . . Lol


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