Here We Go! #whole30

Let me start out by saying that we started a day later than intended (4/11 instead of 4/10). By the time we got home from our grocery shopping trip, it was early evening, we were tired, cranky, and hungry. We ended up finishing up some leftover chili. (Sorry my traditional chili–I love you, but I must bid farewell to beans!)

(Aleesha helping me get food on the conveyor at Aldi in the featured image. All those eggs and she can’t eat them! Did you know that eggs actually last far longer than the use-by date on the carton? You can tell if your eggs are good or bad by putting them in a bowl of cold water. If the eggs float, they are bad–don’t use them! But if they sit at the bottom of the bowl they are fine! Eggs that sit at the bottom upright rather than on their side are older and less fresh. These actually make the best hard boiled eggs because they peel easily.)

So, for accountability, we want to start out by giving our stats:


Age:  42
Height: 5’0″
Weight: 256


Age: 16
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 207

(I would put measurements, but I can’t find a measuring tape–I’m just torn up about that!)

I want to emphasize, WE ARE NOT DOING THE WHOLE30 CHALLENGE FOR WEIGHT LOSS! This is to help us feel better. Any weight loss is just the icing on the cake (cake–bad!) an added bonus.

Monday the 10th, we went shopping at Aldi and bought mostly foods in the whole30 approved category. Unfortunately, I did buy several frozen pizzas and other frozen microwave meals to get Dennis through the month. This will help keep me from having to prepare two meals when he won’t eat what Aleesha and I are eating.

In a perfect world, when preparing for Whole30, one would go through their house and remove or hide all the temptation. This is not possible for our challenge since the whole house will not be Whole30. That will make our challenge a little harder. When I have done this challenge in the past, days 7-14 sucked for me. I wanted sugar, and sugar called to me like a siren–“Come to me, my love. I will give you your deepest desires…” yes, I can hear her calling in my memory already.

The problem with Dennis not participating in the challenge is that sugar will be in hands reach when the siren calls, and we have to be strong enough to walk away. The biggest key to success here is prep, prep, and more prep! Having healthy things at the ready without having to labor over them make telling sugar off so much easier.

Prepare a little more food than you will eat and store leftovers for breakfasts and lunches the next day.

Find a fruit that satisfies your sweet tooth without too much sugar in it.

DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! THEN DRINK SOME MORE! (I will tell you about my love of Sole water in another post.)

I also want to add that I like to buy organic, non-GMO foods whenever possible. Let’s face it though, if you are on a budget, this can be impossible to do with everything. Don’t let budget stop you from doing the Whole30. First, challenge yourself to eat whole, non-processed food. That is the first step. I try to follow the dirty dozen list with what I decide what to spend the extra on for organic produce. Aldi is really good at having cleaner options.

If any of you have any suggestions, please let us know!


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