Book Review K2 Team Series by Sandra Owens

I think I’ve mentioned before that I love to read. I would rather spend my downtime reading than watching TV. When waiting for an appointment, I read. When waiting for my kid, I read. Reading is my personal form of entertainment.

That being said, I am not all that fussy about what I read. Sort of like my taste in music, my taste in reading is quite eclectic.

I do have a confession to make though. In romance novels, I tend to skim the sex scenes. They just aren’t for me. Unfortunately, most recent romance novels have at least one detailed scene in them.

So as I will review some books, (at least one a week), keep this in mind. I will tell you if it had scenes that I skimmed, but no details on them.

I rate books on the following scale:

1–“I can’t finish it”

2–“There’s nothing else to read”

3–“I liked it”

4–“I look forward to getting back to it”

5–“I can’t put it down”

This past week, I read a series. It is available through Amazon Kindle Unlimited and there are 5 books in the series. I don’t know if the author intends any additional books.

The series is called K2 Team, and the author is Sandra Owens. This is my first time reading books by Sandra Owens.

K2 Security was founded by a formal seal, and all the books focus on his formal seal team who work for him.

In book one, “Crazy for Her”, Logan is called to help the wife (Dani) of his deceased best friend who was killed while on a mission in Afghanistan. Of course, this is a romance novel, so we learn that Logan is in love Dani and had been since meeting her. Logan has issues and so does Dani and they have to work through the issues while keeping Dani safe from a stalker in order to find love.

It is sweet and funny but has enough action to keep me interested. I found the plot twist slightly predictable, but that is not unusual for me.

I would classify the sexual content in this book as mild/moderate. There are some heavy scenes, but the book is focused on finding Dani’s stalker while she and  Logan find love that thought was impossible.

Some strong language, and if you isolate yourself from language, violence and sexual content in media, this is NOT the book for you. However, if you watch modern day television, there should be nothing shocking in it.

I found that plot was strong enough to keep me interested in all 5 books.

I would rate it as “I look forward to getting back to it”.

There were some grammar and spelling errors, but they can be forgiven as it is impossible to write without them. I have read academic books with more errors. (I shudder to think of the error I will find when I come back and read this later!)

I enjoyed these books and I will keep my eye out for other books by this author. I would recommend her to any romance reader.

These books and more can be found on Amazon, and are part of the Kindle Unlimited selection. As I’ve mentioned before, I love Kindle Unlimited and would recommend it to any book lover. You can try it free for 30 days. (Note, this is an affiliate link–see disclaimer–currently, and funds raised on this site will be used for Aleesha’s schooling. Stay tuned for a post about her acceptance to NYU’s pre-college program this summer.)

Book review Sandra Owens Kindle Unlimited
The five books in the series in my Kindle library

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