Mom’s response to Alee’s Review: Crack Leave in Hair Treatment

Aleesha reviewed Crack Leave in Hair Treatment on March 31, 2017. This my response.

I got introduced to Crack about four years ago. Fearing damage to Aleesha’s over processed hair, a stylist recommended it. At that time, they only made the leave in cream. It functions as a deep conditioner, styling aid, and heat protectant while fixing and protecting hair.

The tagline for Crack is “A habit forming hair fix“, and it really is downright addicting, adding credit to the unusual name.

Being in my 40’s with hashimoto’s thyroiditis and in full on menopause, my hair needs all the help it can get. Though I don’t process as much as Aleesha, I will add highlights from time to time. I even tried to “tame” my natural waves by getting a perm last May. (It didn’t work how I wanted it to).

Crack adds hydration to my hair. The cream is thick with a wonderful scent and helps keep my hair soft and manageable. It also helps keep the static away in the winter months.

Even with long hair, a little goes a long way, so it is easy to overuse until you get used to it.

I would recommend Crack to everyone.  It is not gender or age specific. As Alee posted, we purchase Crack on Amazon because it is cheaper than our local salons. (If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can try it here for 30 days, free!”

*Amazon links are affiliate links, please see our disclaimer if you have any questions*


7 thoughts on “Mom’s response to Alee’s Review: Crack Leave in Hair Treatment

    1. It is pretty addicting! It can be funny when, not thinking, we are out somewhere and my hair is out of control and I turn to my 16 year old daughter and say “Hand me the Crack”. Then she roots in her purse (I am not a purse user) and pulls out this little blue tube. The look on people’s faces!

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      1. I’m guessing that’s exactly why they called it that … interesting twist so you will need to be careful when you talk about it! Did they pay you for advertising their product? You should get onto that … could be worth a good penny.


      2. We added an amazon affiliate link should anyone want to try it. I figured if we were going to talk about it, we could add the link. If someone purchased it, we would make like 4% or something (I can’t remember).

        I’m trying to learn some affiliate marketing hoping to add to Aleesha’s college fund since she is working toward Harvard and I have more like a community college budget! 😂😂😂

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  1. I would be happy to chat with you as we go. If you go on our Facebook page and message me, I’ll get you my private email or we can just PM on Facebook, either way.


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