Leave the Dishes for Later

I remember my mom saying “Let’s get the dishes done so we can relax.” For the most part, I agree. There are few things that compare to relaxing in a clean house, knowing your chores are done for the day.

But . . .

Sometimes, there are chores that are far more important. Those things that can’t wait.

“Mommy, come read to me”

“Honey, let’s go for a walk”

“I haven’t seen you in years, let’s talk”

No, you can’t put off things like the dishes for ever, and I’m not saying to neglect them.

But . . .

One day, that child will no longer be there to ask.

One day your husband or wife will not be able to take that walk.

One day, that friend won’t be able to come over to talk.

Guess what? The dishes will still be there.

So give yourself permission every once in awhile to leave the dishes for later. Enjoy the moments that make life worth living. Who knows, maybe you will have someone to help you finish them later!

via Daily Prompt: Later


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