Crack Leave in Hair Treatment

I started coloring my hair in the 5th grade, but got serious with color in the 6th grade. Some people think that is crazy, but my mom and dad believed that hair color was a safe way to express my unique quirkiness. I was very unhappy with my light red hair, and the most drastic color I did was jet black (I would not recommend anyone with light hair going black–just saying, you will look like you are going bald with the grow out).

I ended up loving variations of deep red colors and would either adjust my color or touch it up every four to six weeks for the last 3-4 years. As you can imagine, hair damage is very real struggle for serial hair color-er.

Luckily I found Crack Leave in Hair Treatment. I absolutely love this stuff. It helps repair damage, keeps damage from occurring, keeps hair manageable and smells great!

Crack Hair Care Cream Healthy Hair
I have to color my undercut.!
Crack hair in the moring
Just ran a brush through my hair after waking up. Photo-Sharlene
Over colored hair healthy with crack hair cream
My ends are in pretty good shape, though I am due for a trim (It has been 4 months). You can see a little of the pink/red dye that has not pulled from my hair yet (just on the ends). As many times I’ve done color on top of color though, it is to be expected. Photo-Sharlene
crack hair don't care because it looks great
This was a picture with no flash, and my hair looks way darker than it is (that is why I used the one with flash for the featured image. It still looks cool though. I always keep the travel size in my bag/purse and big one in the bathroom. Love this stuff! Photo-Sharlene

I have been slowing bleaching back to my natural color, and as you can see in the photos above, my hair has minimal breakage and it is shiny and healthy. I also do coconut oil treatments from time to time, but that’s for another post. My mom uses Crack too and loves it, so it works well for both teenage and aging hair. (See mom’s response to my review here).

Ask your hairdresser if they have Crack products, or can get Crack on Amazon. They have shampoo and conditioner as well and I like them, but I have a different favorite shampoo/conditioner (Verb) and I will post about it later.

aleesha color sample 3
Many colors over the years. Photos-Sharlene (obvious selfies-Aleesha)

IMG_20140926_134932IMG_20130926_075311Aleesha color sample 1aleesha color sample 2

*Amazon links are associate links. Any commissions earned from this post will be put into Aleesha’s college fund.


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