Marking His Territory

“Mine. Wait, that’s mine too! Hold up, MINE!”

That is my dog, Jethro’s thinking when it comes to everything.

Opening the door to let him out, he runs in a circle, making sure enough of his scent is dripping to mark the yard before he gets down to business. Afterwords, the scratching and grunts that follow are another show of him claiming “MINE”.

Go for a walk, “MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE”, it never seems to leave his thought that his territory must be claimed.

New toy or blanket, “MINE!!!” he exclaims as he rubs himself all over it before dragging it to his kennel for safe keeping.

Bring the ferrets out to play, “OH, THEY ARE MINE! MINE! BEST FRIENDS OF MINE!!” as he hugs them and rubs on them before playing with toys together.

We opened our home and hearts to this little fur baby (and his fur sisters), and we are his (theirs). He loves fiercely, and plays wildly. Our little territory is so much better, because it is his.

Miniature Pinscher Jethro
Aleesha and Jethro going for a ride. He loves rides! (Dirty eyes though!) Photo-Aleesha
Miniature Pin
Look at that face! He thinks he owns me for sure! Photo-Aleesha

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