Elixir at a Mixer, Life’s Little Fixer

When I hear the word elixir, I am automatically drawn to my teen years, watching Madeline Ashton (played by Merl Streep) drink the glowing “Elixir of Life” she purchased from Lisle Von Rhuman (played by Isabella Rossellini) in Death Becomes Her.

Back then, that movie was funny and quirky and I laughed so hard in the end when they lie shattered at the bottom of the stairs following Ernest’s funeral (played by Bruce Willis). Now, I think that movie had a lot to teach us beyond the humor. At least I see it differently. The fix to life can be found at some mixer or social event.

Life’s true elixir is not some drink or potion, but something we all have if we decide to find it. It is in the joy we feel seeing a sunset or watching a baby smile. It is in the sadness and despair when we loose someone we love. It is in our every day choices, and our long term goals. It is in our past and future. It is with our family and friends.

The elixir we need is not to find outer beauty or longevity but to cherish each moment we are in. To know that life is a gift and to take care of that gift. To work toward being healthy, physically and mentally. On those days that we just don’t quite get there, do your best to make tomorrow better.

I’m 42 and I forget all the time that I am not in my 20’s. Not because I look young, or even because my body feels young, but my joy for life is still young. My excitement for the little things keep me going even if the big things try to get me down. I’m happy. I love my life. As imperfect as it is, I thank God he gave me the tools to find my own “Elixir of Life” by just living it.

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


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