More Than a Color or a Funny Word

Purple, the daily prompt is purple. Okay, so a million thoughts run through my mind right away when I hear purple, but some really stand out. Imagine this cluster of images and and thoughts passing at the speed of sound through my cluttered brain, circling and returning only to go off in a new direction, not at all neat and orderly like this list!

And purple and white and pink and orange,
Skol Vikings, let’s win this game,
To see you dancing in that purple rain,
The color purple (Oprah!),
One eyed one horned flying purple people eater,
Fields of Lavender,
Purple, purple purple,
Mauve, what… purple, just wear purple,
Purple heart,
What a weird word, pur-pulllllll hmmm, I wonder why we call it purple, it used to represent wealth and power. Purple is a good color, people like purple. I should put purple highlights in my hair.

I don’t know if I should say “you’re welcome” or “I’m sorry” for a brief look into my brain for a split second after I read the daily prompt. (Note: I added to links, because despite my short descriptions, my mind was simultaneously playing out all these little scenes when really, I should have pictured a crayon and went to back to bed. I wanted to be sure you all got the chance to follow my craziness thought process!)

My own little movie of purple playing in my head wasn’t enough, so I decided to type the word purple into my Google search bar and see the suggestions the ol’ search engine gave me. At least two of the four coincided with my thoughts, so maybe I’m only half crazy (or maybe I’m just tired with only two hours of sleep–yes, let’s go with that).

Purple Podcast
Purple Rain
Purple Wave
Purple Mattress

Okay, so purple podcast is connected to the Minnesota Vikings, and being that I live in Minnesota, there is no way the word purple would not bring images of our wintertime warriors. In the meantime, Prince was proudly belting out Purple rain in the background of all my cluttered thoughts.

Purple Wave and Purple Mattress??? What??? Okay, so I had to look and they aren’t ominous or even fun, though I do need a new mattress–hmm (there go my thoughts running away again).

Purple is a fascinating word and color intertwined in our everyday lives. Throughout history, purple signified wealth, royalty and power because the dye used to color cloth purple was rare and expensive.  If I remember my study of colors from visual communications, it carries many of the same emotions today as it did in ancient times. I guess that just brings up something else to thing about; maybe a color, isn’t just a color after all?


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