Meaningless Musings

I’ve been contemplating the word meaningless, and I have to say, I can’t think of a sadder, more depressing word to ponder. After all, is anything really meaningless?

I hope not.

When Cheri Lucas Rowlands decided that the daily prompt today would be meaningless, did she think her post would become meaningless? When it fades into tomorrow, next week, or even next year behind posts of new words and it is forgotten, will it then be meaningless?

What a sad, sad thought.

I argue that indeed, the post is not meaningless. At one moment, no matter how fleeting, that post meant something to Cheri, to other bloggers who chose to write to the daily prompt, to me. Me–who has spent an afternoon trying to determine if anything is ever really meaningless.

That meaningless conversation with a stranger two years ago that you don’t even remember… was it not meaningful at the time? Even if no thought provoking words were said, maybe it was just a simple good morning, but in that moment, it meant something.

That dollar store trinket your child had to have, but broke before you made it out of the parking lot, seems to add to a list of meaningless items bought and tossed away. For a moment, your child smiled, and possibly cried over a not-so-meaningless trinket. It meant something.

I often think of wasted time spent doing meaningless things, but again–at that moment, whether joy, sadness or despair filled my time, it still meant something.

So as I contemplate meaningless, I can’t help but feel a little sad that such a word exists in our world. That we use the word and think we mean it, is even sadder. So friend, as you read my post, I hope it isn’t meaningless. I doubt it is extraordinarily meaningful, but for this one moment, you slowed down. You read the thoughts of a nutty woman trying to find meaning and joy in the smallest of things. I hope you smiled knowing that everything you do, even if just for a small moment,means something.

One moment doing something as simple as taking some garbage to the burn hole at the family farm. The lake, just a day shy of giving up it’s ice (the next day would bring completely open water), The trees waiting to bloom, and the sun sneaking away for the night–a meaningful moment. Photo-Sharlene
The burn pit at the family farm and two best friends–even dumping garbage is not meaningless. Photo, Sharlene

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