Kindle–My Guilty Pleasure and Most Used App

I love to read. I never leave home without several books downloaded to my Kindle. There was a time not long ago, that I would have told anyone who said I would become an avid reader of e-books they were crazy. However, long gone are the days I when I toted two or three print books around in my purse.

With various e-readers like Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, I honestly find it surprising that anyone reads print versions anymore. I do understand the look, feel, and smell of a classic book. I understand the nostalgia. I have just come to realize that the convenience of electronic media is far to great not take advantage of them.

Personally, I am a Kindle reader. Though I use and iPhone and iPad, I just prefer what I get with my Kindle app. I get a wide range of books, from trashy romance or mystery novels, to autobiographies, or cookbooks. Amazon has so many books available in Kindle format, and my local library offers books to borrow on Kindle as well that I am never without something new. It is rare that a book I want isn’t available for my Kindle, in fact, I can’t remember it ever happening..

Screenshot, Sharlene’s iPhone. Kindle is the app I use the most on a regular basis. I have been busy this past week and have not read as much as usual. The 26% you see is usually more like 35%
Kindle Unlimited

Did I mention I read, a lot? I am an unusually fast reader as well, so a book that Kindle says “average read time, 5 hours” I will get through in about 2 hours. Since I would rather read than watch TV, and I read when insomnia hits, it is not uncommon for me to go through 5 or more books a week. I also am on a tight budget. (Like extremely tight but I won’t delve into that here.) I can not afford to buy 5 books a week, and lets face it, the library inventory is lacking.

About two years ago I found Kindle Unlimited. For $10 a month, I can get unlimited access to the Kindle Unlimited library. There are 100’s of thousands of books available, and you can borrow 10 books at a time. When you are finished with a book you “Return” it and find something new.

Photos–Screenshots from Sharlene’s iPhone. Kindle App for iPhone library. Mine is always full.

I’ll admit that a lot of the books will never be “The Next Great American Novel” (as with most books on the selves at the book store), but they are entertaining. A lot of the books are self published, so they might not be edited as well one from a major publishing house, but I can live with that. You will find that some popular authors and titles are also offered on Kindle Unlimited, as well as cook books, autobiographies, etc. There really is a lot to choose from.

The one thing I would like to see improved with the Kindle App for iPhone is to be able to browse Kindle books from the App itself. As it is, only books that are “recommended” at the end of a book that I am currently reading directly from the app. I also cannot “buy” a Kindle book from the Amazon App for iPhone. I have to go into Amazon from Safari to find and purchase/borrow a book to be downloaded into my library.

If you don’t have the Kindle App, download it for free (this link is for PC). You can also  Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial and see if it works for you.

*These are Amazon Associate links, so yes, Amazon pays me a small amount if you use them. If you are not comfortable with that, I would still suggest trying out Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Any funds raised on this site are put into Aleesha’s college fund.*

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