My Mothers Talent

Growing up, my mother was always working. She managed the local animal shelter, and work kept her busy, but her love of the animals in her care made her work more than the average person in her position probably would have. Even though she was busy, mom still loved to create things.

I remember beautiful gardens, photos taken of simple things, and afghans and quilts made just for me. When she retired a few years ago, she stated a business called “Collies Sewing Room“. (Her name is Colleen by the way, you can link to her Facebook using the previous link, or find her on Pinterest here). In that time, she has made all of us kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids different things, from bags and wall hangings to quilts. She loves to fit in projects for her family in between the stuff she sells, but I often think her talent goes unnoticed.

My mom has a booth at a place called “American Mercantile” (Click to link to their Facebook page) located in my hometown of Medford, Oregon. Living in Minnesota, I don’t get to see a lot of her hard work, nor do I get to help her promote her talent the way I’d like. She really is quite talented! I love how she will reuse materials when ever possible too!

I wanted to show the squares of the quilt she is currently making for me, and also share some of the other things she has handmade, so enjoy them! Captions are added to explain a little about them. Show her some love and like and comment on my post! Please share it or repress it with others, because I just want the world to know, my mom is pretty amazing!

Handmade Geometric Maze Quilt Collie's Sewing Room Purple
These are the blocks for quilt she is currently making for me. You can clearly see the differences in personality between my sister and I based on quilts! (Hers is below) I can’t wait to curl up with it! Remember, she takes special orders, so you could have a quilt made perfect for you too! Photo-Colleen Macuk
Handmade Rose Garden Quilt
My mom made this for my sister. It is actually the perfect style and colors for her. This just screams “Shawna”! Isn’t it beautiful? Photo-Colleen Macuk
Handmade quilt backing design simply beautiful
This is the backing for one of her quilts, I actually love the design she did so much, that I think the simple beauty of this alone would be a perfect couch quilt. (Though I would pick bright colors because I’m like that) Photo-Colleen Macuk
Handmade Elk Heard Quilt
This is one of moms favorites. Being form Oregon, you can’t help but love the great outdoors! This is the Calling of the Heard quilt and there are more photos on her Pinterest and Facebook pages. Photo-Colleen Macuk
Handmade Upcycled Grocery Bags Recycled Pet Food Bags
We all like to reuse when possible. My mom gets sturdy pet food bags given to her and turns them into grocery bags. They are unique, sturdy, cheap and best of all–Upcycled Photo-Colleen Macuk
Handmade handbags purses unique
She even makes cute bags and purses! Photo-Colleen Macuk
Handmade School Bag Flamingo Mustache
Mom made this bag for Alee when she was in 6th grade. At the time, Alee was in love with zebra print, flamingos and mustaches. So, even though this picture sort for makes it look like the flamingo has a sombrero on his beak, he is in fact wearing a mustache! Four and half years later and the bag is still in perfect condition too! Photo-Sharlene

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