Never Lucky, Always Blessed

I saw WordPress’ one word prompt this morning and I have been thinking about it all day. Luck. One simple word that I have never really associated with my life. I remember that my dad used say things like “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have none all”. I always associated luck with material things, like winning a raffle or a scratch off ticket.

I have never really thought of luck one way as to how it might impact my life. I have never really won anything, but then again, I rarely enter contests. I have never won big on the loto, but again, I rarely play. So today, on St. Patrick’s day, we hear about “The Luck of the Irish” and so forth. It is yet another gimmick we have to get us to spend more money and drink more beer, but really were the Irish all that Lucky?

While I have no intention on delving into an Irish history lesson, I don’t really think I would say that the Irish had any excess luck. In fact, I would say they had some crummy luck if we look at luck materialistically. Still, several people will celebrate the day and never give it a thought.

So as I wonder about my luck, I guess I can say that I don’t really think of myself as lucky, but I am so incredibly blessed. I may not be rich in material belongings, but I have a family who love me, a house to shelter me, heat to keep me warm and food to keep me full. I also have what I hope St. Patrick brought to the Irish and that is a relationship with a loving God who has given me blessings in abundance that I don’t always see.

So today and the rest of year, I don’t wish you Luck, but I wish you Blessings, because they are what makes life incredible.


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