Quack–Quack! Dennis Tried Duck Eggs

A few weeks ago, I found a local farm that sells duck eggs. I have had duck eggs many times in the past but Dennis was always grossed out by the idea. For some reason, he decided that if I got some, he would try them.

Jennifer (my supplier), was out of town and got back over the weekend so we were not able to get them until Tuesday morning. She had a 1 1/2 dozen ready and charges $4.00/doz. We got all 18 for $6.00 and I think they are gorgeous! She dropped them off at Dennis’ work though, so his co-workers are quacking at him and several said they could never eat a duck egg! (Because a duck is gross and a chicken isn’t?? I don’t get people.)

Last night, I was not feeling great, but Dennis was eager to try the duck eggs so I made him two eggs, uncured bacon and toast (he still eats bread, the brat!).

You can see the thicker egg white and how big the yokes are. I cooked these in the bacon grease because he likes that crispy edge.

His verdict: “It tastes like an egg.”

I’m not sure what he expected, but apparently it was not for an egg to taste like an egg! Anyway, aside from the white being thicker since it does spread over the pan as much as a chicken egg, and the yoke being bigger, he felt it was comparable to farm fresh eggs we usually get.

I am going to scramble one with some peppers and onion for Aleesha in the morning to see if she has any reaction. Her doctor said sometimes a sensitivity or allergy to chicken eggs may not react to duck eggs, and since her reaction is not life threatening it is worth a try. I will let you all know how that went!

Did you know you can check the freshness of an egg by placing it in a bowl of water? I check all my eggs before cracking or cooking them. If the egg floats, it is bad (Don’t crack an egg that floats! It will stink up your whole house!), if it sits on the bottom like thsee are, then it is a really fresh egg. If it sits upright, still on the bottom but not laying on it’s side, it is not as fresh and will actually make good hard boiled eggs because they peel better when they aren’t as fresh. Photo-Sharlene
Odd angle on the photo, but I fried these like I also fry chicken eggs, with some sort of fat (this is bacon grease) just a little higher than medium heat but I don’t crack eggs until the pan is hot. Then I put about two tablespoons of water in and cover it before then turn off the heat. Photo-Sharlene

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