Proofreading, Editing and Grammar Nazi-ing

I am an English Major. I have a Bachelors Degree in Technical Communications to be more precise. I love the English language, and I love to paint pictures with words, whether in fictional writing, journal writing or in technical writing. I also love editing, and I am good at it. Picture me doing the happy dance when I am asked to edit something and my mind is going “I get paid to be a grammar nazi!!! YES!!!”

No matter how well I do with editing, I find it hard to proofread and edit my own work. I have heard others have the same issue, so at least I know it is not just me, but nothing bothers me more than to publish a post only to see horrifying errors as soon as the link pops up on Facebook, or I see it in the reader portion of WordPress. To add to my horror, after I go and edit my error, the link on Facebook and the blip on the WordPress reader still show my original, unedited piece for the world to see. Sigh…

I have decided I am going to delay posting until I can look over what I write a few times. I am sure there will still be errors–run on sentences, comma splices and the like. After all, I am not trying to write a technical document here, I am trying to convey my thought conversationally to my audience. That alone will often result in writing that is not grammatically correct. However, should you see me commit a major faux pas, such as when I gave tacos a possessive twist by writing taco’s (I mean maybe the taco’s flavor is great, I make tacos) please tell feel free to tell me!


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