Review: Digital Reflection Panel (ongoing)

I wanted to do a running review of the Digital Reflection Panel. (I will update as I go on this post). You may have seen this on other blogs or on social media. I actually came across this from a Facebook post by The Penny Hoarder ( is the link to their FB page if you are interested).

The idea is, you sign up on their website and they send you this little box. You hook it up to your wireless router and allow the company to track your internet usage. In exchange for allowing them to gather information on your internet habits, they will pay you via rewards like gift cards. They reward you $20 for installing the box, with a $5 bonus for doing it within 4 days. You then get $10 a month to keep plugged in and to update once a month.

It isn’t a big payday, but I thought it would be worth trying. The sign up process was straight forward. A few questions and my box was on it’s way. I got an email on Wednesday that it would be delivered, but it didn’t come until Thursday. I think that it was one of those packages that UPS drops off at the post office then the mail man brings it the next day, but I’m not sure since I didn’t see who left it at my door.

Installation was simple. They provided all the necessary cords and even color code where to plug each in. It took about 30 seconds after the unboxing to hook it up. They emailed a link on Wednesday to set it up them. That was as simple as clicking the link, there was nothing to download or anything.

I did have to reboot the router right after plugging it in because WiFi was not working on our phones, but since then I have not noticed any difference in my service. I will update in a month to let you know if I noticed any slowing speeds and how the first update went.


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