Grocery Shopping at Aldi–with the hubby!

Grocery shopping in my house includes a 60+ mile drive to Mankato. Don’t get me wrong, there are grocery stores closer to home. Just a couple of years ago, my little town of about 700 people opened a “strip mall” named Town Center that consists of a SuperValu, a liquor store and a hardware store. It is convenient and nice to have, but shopping there for the bulk of my groceries would be impossible on my budget. There are also stores, including a WalMart, about 25 miles away, but once again for my needs, these stores are just too expensive. I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi.

For those of you who don’t know Aldi, they are a grocery store that do some things a little unconventionally to help save the consumer money. For instance, their stores do not have publicly listed phone numbers so they don’t have pay employees answering phones and deal with questions. They also require a 25 cent deposit on shopping carts, when you return the cart, you get your quarter back. I love Aldi!

There is nothing more frustrating than driving all the way to Mankato and back home only to find I forgot something that I really needed. This happens to me a lot, and as you saw in my last post, I am trying to be more organized by making a bullet list. It went pretty well, but honestly, I NEVER grocery shop with my husband! He never wants to go, but at 7:30 this morning, when I was getting ready to go, he announced he was going too.

I don’t know about your experience with shopping, by my hubby likes to just go randomly through the store and grab what ever looks good and then drop in the cart! UGH!!! Hello!!! Today’s shopping trip had a budget of $280.00. As I shop, I enter each item into my calculator and check it off my list, but he was running around like a 2 year old grabbing things like he was in the candy store!

Dennis and Aleesha unloading cart at Aldi… Oh, the eggs were 53 cents a dozen and are for my hubby and I since poor Alee can’t eat them!!! Photo courtesy Sharlene Stromberg

Remember now, we are trying to eat healthy? This is for the whole family, and Dennis is resisting, hard! He wanted all sorts of things that I don’t want in the house! Imagine me trying to cover my list, Aleesha following her dad around saying “Dad, no! We aren’t eating chips!” or what ever else he was determined to get. Then those things I did say okay to, her running back and forth to get me the price so I could put into my calculator! I wish I had gotten some video because it was actually pretty funny.

Finally, he asked, “Why are you so frustrated?” I told him, “I am trying to get everything on the list, pay attention to what you want to add to it all while staying within a our budget!” and he gives me this blank look and says, “You have a list?” Apparently, it is normal for me to carry around my journal through the store for no reason.

Aleesha unloading the cart at Aldi. Photo courtesy Sharlene Stromberg

I did let him get an Aldi Pizza, something we rarely have at home, but he was craving it and Aleesha is having a cheat day today with a sleep over. The big pizza your will see in the cart is only $5.99 and they are good pizza’s, so I wasn’t a complete ogre!

My total bill was $255.60 and I have enough meat to last the month. I took some photos, but wasn’t able to get everything. My kitchen is extremely small, and there was just no way to display it all, but between the pictures of the cart and the food on my counter, you can see that I got a lot of food for that price. Now we can get to cooking!

Some of the produce, etc… we got. We got organic rainbow carrots! I just couldn’t resist! They were $1.39. Photo courtesy Sharlene Stromberg
Some of the meat we got. The salmon at Aldi is really good and reasonable priced for our area. $3.79 a pkg I think. We also got hamburger, turkey burger, roasts and bacon. Photo courtesy Sharlene Stromberg
The 73% ground beef I like to use for tacos and stuff like that. I drain it really well, but find the added fat content helps with flavor and keeps it from drying out. Aldi price is $1.79 a pound when purchased in a 5lb tube, and the tubes have handy markings for cutting. Not exact, but close enough for me when I separate it. Photo courtesy Sharlene Stromberg

Aldi is without a doubt, a two thumbs up store for me and Aleesha would agree. Without it, on our budget, we would have a much harder time affording eating healthier. I also think bullet lists for shopping are great! I could color coordinate my items by how the store is laid out, and I was able to check it off when I got it, or mark it as a no if they were out or if it just didn’t look good today (like we got ground turkey instead of chicken).

I will keep trying it and see it if helps make shopping less painful in the future! Stay tuned for Aleesha’s first post, and this weekend, I am making jerky!


5 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping at Aldi–with the hubby!

  1. I love how you don’t buy processed food! We have the Aldi’s here in Germany too. I believe you have to leave .50 euros or 1.00 for the cart. We must also always remember to bring a bag with us so we can carry our products home! Did you have to have your own bag?

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  2. Aldi’s is a German company, we have them here in Australia where they are also the cheapest place by far to get your groceries. We deposit $1-$2 for our carts, take our own bags … highly recommend them but that’s a lot of fuel for you to get there.

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    1. It costs about $10-$12 for gas in my car to drive round trip to Mankato. The savings at Aldi far make up for the gas and we do any other “town” shopping at the same time. 😊 I wish one was closer though!

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