Shopping List and Bullet Journals…

Okay, tomorrow is grocery shopping day in the Stromberg house. Let me explain something that few other women will understand… I. HATE. SHOPPING! I am not talking about just hating grocery shopping, I don’t like to shop at all. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that I live in the Middle of Nowhere USA, I would do all of my shopping online and have it delivered to my door, never to set foot in a brick and mortar store again. Sadly, not all stores that cover my needs deliver, so I am stuck planning and shopping in an actual store!

So I have another confession. I am a bit scatter brained and am not the best with grocery lists. Oh, I make lists! I even have a white board with a running list of things we need. My problems are 1) I don’t always get everything on the list, or 2) I have a GREAT list, only to leave it at home, sitting and waiting patiently with the bags I need to take with me to Aldi so I won’t have to buy more bags.

Are you seeing a picture form here? I am not a great shopper. Shopping and me are not friends. I have to shop, so now, even though I am in my 40’s, I am trying to learn a new system. (Notice my extensive use of commas in that last sentence? Imagine that I am sighing and pouting about shopping when you read it, because well… I am!)

Introducing, Bullet Journals. Yeah, I know, you have all heard of them. Some of you might have tried them, some of you love them and some of you hate them. However, some of you might be like me. You’ve seen the hype but didn’t see the point of it all. So, I’m a skeptic that making lists a certain way will help me–remember, scatter brain here!

Anyway, my daughter started using a bullet journal for school, or her own modified version of it anyway. I began to see how it might help me. For one, I tend to make lists on whatever piece of scrap paper I find, the journal has it’s own look and all my lists are in one place. I also doodle… a lot! When I make lists, and I am thinking about what to put on the list, or just thinking about the rabbit in my driveway (we call him “Bunny who lives under my car” because he showed up as a baby and has stayed for two years–off topic again), I tend to doodle. Flowers, stick figures, imitations of the Mona Lisa… all have graced the edges and white spaces of my lists. Anyway, the bullet journal concept encourages me to doodle as I list, and get this… in multiple colors too!!!

So, I begin my journey with using my own version of a bullet journal in hopes that my shopping will be more stream line tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes, and talk about what I bought!


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