An Introduction to our Food Posts

About 5 or 6 years ago, I suffered from aspartame poisoning. At the time, I was drinking 32 oz or more of Diet Dr. Pepper a day. I can honestly say I don’t remember ever being so sick, and it was then that I decided to be more cautious about what I consume. I have not had pop since.

I also suffer fibromyalgia, crohn’s disease and hashimoto’s hyperthyroidism. These autoimmune disorders can often be managed by diet and I found that eating whole, natural, non-processed foods as well as eliminating grains helped me significantly. I also struggle with my weight.

So when I changed my diet I found I had more energy and started to loose weight. I didn’t hurt as much, my digestion was better. I was just feeling better all around. Sadly, life doesn’t always follow our neat little plans and since my family had no desire to follow my eating habits, rather than sticking to it and making them eat what I ate, I tended to give up and just eat what they want.

That changed in July of 2016. My daughter, Aleesha (you will get to know her here) was 15 at the time and was struggling in a lot of different ways. One issue was terrible psoriasis breakouts. We had just started with a new doctor and she ordered food allergy test for Aleesha. She tested positive for wheat, dairy and eggs. The reaction was not so severe that she risks anaphylaxis or anything, but avoiding those foods just makes her feel better and her psoriasis is almost non-existent.

Aleesha also struggles with her weight so we figured that if we have to eliminate these foods, we would just revamp our entire diet and eat the way I should be eating all the time anyway. Our food post will be about things we try, things we love and even thing that just weren’t for us. I hope you enjoy and find some new ideas for yourself!


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