A First Post

Every blog has to have a first post. That one document bloggers think about that will convey to their audience what to expect in future posts. This first post means everything and nothing all at once. I mean, let’s face it, you, my early audience will be judging whether or not you will subscribe to my blog or continue to read what I am writing by the time you get to these words I am writing right now.

You’re still here? Well that’s a relief! The pressure is not quite so heavy now. I can concentrate on the fact that, in a month, or in a year, very few people will read this post. Sure, it might pop up from time to time, but it will soon be a memory I won’t have to think about!

Now I can tell you thank you for giving Alee and Me a chance. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you! Comment with ideas of things you’d like us to try or discuss!


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